My name is Paul Burd. I'm a Multidisciplinary Designer and amateur photographer currently living in Portland, Oregon. I first became interested in photography in the early 1980's, and I've had an on-again, off-again interest ever since. I’m interested in all types of photography, but my passion lies in photographing people.
I started this site on June 19th, 2006. Initially Highly Subjective was strictly my (linear) photoblog, documenting my day-to-day photography, and was not meant to be a portfolio. In mid 2016 the site was taken down by an unscrupulous (dick-head) hacker, and a decade of photoblogging was lost forever. Luckily, the images themselves were not lost, but the individual posts and my writing about the images were gone. I relaunched the site in June, 2017 - showcasing some of my favorite images. At some point this site will probably become a photoblog again, but for now I hope you enjoy the images I’ve posted.
In the past I've also posted images to 500px and Flickr.