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Bride talking to little boy, San Francisco

Location: San Francisco, CA

As you can see by the last few photos I’ve posted, I’ve been playing around with some of the sliders in Adobe Lighroom. The technique is based on this video tip from Lightroom Killer Tips. I recommend checking out the site if you’re a Lightroom user, it has a lot of great information and downloadable presets.

I’m sure this look doesn’t appeal to everyone, but I personally really like how these images came out. I had actually done this particular image as black and white first, and I’ve been going back and forth on which one I like better. You can see the two versions side-by-side here. Feel free to chime in with your opinion in the comments.

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$1 Image Stabilizer For Any Camera

I haven’t tried this myself, but it looks pretty easy.

meta cafe link | via DF

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Depth of Field on the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 Lens

Potted Plant

This image is very similar to the one I used in our Weekly Photo Assignment #4, but I thought it was a good image to show while talking about a lens I bought recently. It’s the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II. It’s the cheapest (and lightest) lens that Canon makes. You can easily find it for about $80 USD.

I originally bought the lens because I needed something that would give me more options in low-light situations. This lens opens up to f/1.8, so it’s considered to be a pretty ‘fast’ lens.

Although I bought this lens for speed, I’ve actually been having some fun playing around with depth-of-field. When shooting with the aperture all the way open, you get a pretty limited depth-of-filed, especially if you get very close to your subject. The image above only has about 1/4 inch depth-of-filed. I really like the effect.

I would personally recommend this lens. In addition to the extra speed, I think it produces very crisp images (assuming you’re not intentionally limiting the depth-of-field). And, you just can’t beat the price.

If you’re interested in seeing how this lens stacks up against some of Canon’s pricier options, check out this review on The Digital Picture.

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Tips for using your flash

Here’s a nice little video tutorial with a couple of great tips for using your flash more effectively. It also includes a good explanation on the relationship between your flash, and the shutter inside your camera.

I don’t know much at all about flash photography, so I learned a few things from this.

The video is produced by snapfactory.com, and studiolighting.net.

via digitalpixels.net | YouTube Link

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Tip: One way to even out brightness differences in your images

Tips from the top floor

Chris Marquardt, of the Tips from the Top Floor podcast, posted a great little video tip the other day on how to even out brightness differences in your images, using Photoshop. I’ve tried his tip and it’s quick, easy, and works surprisingly well. The tip starts about two minutes into the video. I highly recommend checking it out.

I only recently found Chris’s podcast, but I’m already a regular listener. It’s primarily an audio podcast, but he occasionally does video episodes as well. Although Chris can sometimes take a while to get to the point, he’s got some great information to share. You can check out the episodes directly on his site, or subscribe in iTunes.

If you’re looking for more photography-related podcasts, check out The Photocast Network. It’s a collection of podcasts, and they do a photo round table discussion called, Focus Ring.

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