Photosynth New York

Backyard panorama in NYC

New York City (2011)

This is the backyard at one of the places we stayed on our recent trip to New York. The image was created with the (free) Photosynth iPhone app. The app is for creating 360° interactive panoramas. Once you create your panorama you can swipe your screen to “look” in any direction (even up and down). But, it can also save the whole thing as a single image file to your camera roll, which I think is pretty cool.

This image is straight out of the app, I didn’t do any touchup work. It’s a full 360°, so the table shown on both ends is actually the same table. In order to get any real sense of the space you would have to roll this image into the shape of a tube.

I think I’ll be doing some more experimenting with this app.



Location: San Francisco, California (2011)
Model: Wolfpup

I had an opportunity to work with a new model last night. She goes by the name, Wolfpup. I’ll be posting the images as I go through them.


Barbie nude

I actually shot this one about a year ago, but I just stumbled on it in my Lightroom gallery.


Feet on New York City sidewalk

Location: New York City


Nude Poser Figure with Tattoos

Still playing with Poser. Shoulders and face seem to be the hardest to nail down in terms of realism.


Nude Poser Figure in forest at night


Nude Poser Figure with Tattoos


Nude Poser Figure

It’s slow going, but I’m starting to get the hang of Poser. This still isn’t as “real” as I want, but I’m getting there.


Leaf on Sidewalk

Location: San Francisco, CA – Soma

I snapped this with my iPhone while I was out walking our dog one day.

Elena Marie Closeup

Elena Marie in the garden

Location: Napa, CA
Model: Elena Marie

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