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Shelter: Before/After

Nude in Entryway


Location: San Francisco, CA: Soma

Along with a few friends, I participate in an ongoing photo project called, “photo assignments”. Twice a month we pick a theme at random, and we have one week to produce an image. The images are due Sunday at 6:00pm.

This past week the theme was, “Shelter”. I actually forgot about it all week, and come Sunday afternoon I pretty much decided I wasn’t going to do this one, as I didn’t really have any ideas jumping out at me.

At about 4:30pm I took our dog, Maggie, out for a walk around the neighborhood. While we were walking I noticed this gate. Normally it’s closed, so seeing it open caught my eye – and immediately gave me an idea for an image. I snapped a photo with my iPhone, came home and fired up Photoshop and Poser, and about 45 minutes later had my image.

It’s a little rough, but given the time I’m very happy with how it came out. I’m actually particularly pleased with myself as I believe this is the first time I’ve turned day into night.

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